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Ensemble Warmup Book (2012 Edition)

Grade: 3

Innovative Marching's Ensemble Warm-up Book has proven to be a popular tool for use in both the wind ensemble and marching band setting.

The purpose of the book:
1)  Encourage growth of individual and ensemble techniques in a timely matter (I know that most of the time when warming up your marching/concert bands you have 10 minutes...not an hour to devote to warming up).
2)  Accessibility for all players.  All excercises and chorales are built for players of every ability level (it could even be introduced at the middle school level).
3)  Ease of use for you the band director.  All books are delivered in pdf format, so that you can print as the need arises.
Full version of the book:
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax

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